Take ownership of your
life with Boulder, Colorado's premier
inner energy healer,

Krystal Jakosky.

There’s a moment when you realize you’re far more than you’ve allowed yourself to be. You’re tired of getting stuck in old patterns of trauma, guilt, betrayal, and other restrictive deep-seated beliefs, and you’re ready to break through those bonds to step into a life that is free and full of possibility. This is a turning point for you and you don’t have to navigate it alone.

At The Beam and Bell in Boulder County, Colorado, I’m here to facilitate this energy healing process with anyone who is ready to take ownership of their life. Through guided meditations, fire ceremonies, bodywork, and more, I’ll help you move past mental and emotional scars and invite you into your own powerful role as self-healer and captain of your life.

If you’re ready to own your shit and be your own magic pill, I look forward to helping you shift. If we’re not a good match or you’re not quite ready yet, I pray you find another to help you with loving assistance. Either way, I celebrate your steps and efforts towards a better you.

May you grant yourself permission to be you. Always.

what you can expect from me:


 I hold myself accountable for my own choices and actions. I use the same tools I will teach you in my own life. They are my guiding light and keep me authentic in my dealings with every living being.

a safe space

Healing happens best when we feel safe and nurtured. In this kind of environment we are better able to let go of past pains and heal deep wounds. I promise to provide a grounded and accepting space for you to face the shadows and bring in light.


I look forward to meeting you exactly where you are and how you are. I will encourage you to do the same while nudging you towards a stronger, more self-loving you. I believe each and every human being is a beautiful soul deserving of love and acceptance.