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Personalized Energy Healer Services in Boulder, Colorado

A Variety of Ways to Chart Your Own Path to Healing and Empowerment

When it comes to healing and personal transformation, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You need the specific tools and methods that resonate with you, and it’s important to have a safe space where you’re free to discover them under the intuitive guidance of an experienced facilitator. 

For some people, that means starting in a group and working their way toward individual sessions to address specific issues. For others, it means enjoying the privacy of a one-on-one session and determining which classes offer the framework you need for growth. There’s no right way—only your way. 

I invite you to explore the many energy healer services we have available, and if you feel called to this journey, please contact me. Together, we’ll determine the best place for you to start and where to grow from there.

Energy Healer Services for Revealing Your Potential

These may be undertaken in any order, according to your needs and interests. The first step is always to fill out the form and schedule a call with me. This is how we get to know each other, so I can fully understand what you’re looking for and customize the sessions you need.

From guided meditation, drumming, and walking meditation to muscle testing, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, and more, these individual sessions are carefully tailored to what you need now—in this very moment—to be able to progress along your journey. We might only meet once, or we may decide you’ll benefit from ongoing one-on-one sessions.

If you’d like to deep-dive into a transformational weekend where you can focus solely on your personal journey, an individual InnTreat is a powerful experience. These customized two- or three-day sessions are hosted in my home away from the daily habits and lifestyle that influence your thinking—and being. With 12 to 20 hours of personal guidance and training, individual InnTreats are incredibly effective at changing your life patterns and altering your path for the better.

The experience includes meditation, journaling, balancing and healing practices, introductions to your guides, fire ceremonies, and anything else your energetic self requests. No two individual InnTreats are alike, as they’re designed by each person’s own needs and direction. 

These may be scheduled over a weekend or during the week, and lodging and meals are included.

Bring together your friends, family, or co-workers for a day or an entire weekend to learn and grow. You may want to focus on communication, connection, personal reflection and ownership, family healing, or any other growth experience. Coming together in this way provides an opportunity to deepen your relationships, build community, and foster connection in a supportive environment. 

These remarkable group experiences are full of laughter and healing, and you’ll always be welcomed into a safe, nurturing space that invites change and transformation.

There are many approaches to a SacredPulse weekend, but they’re all designed to align you with the natural rhythms of your life. We’re all in the midst of these cycles: we flow through the four seasons, through sleeping and waking, through reproductive cycles, through life, death, and rebirth. SacredPulse weekends will help you understand the forces that are always pulling on us and learn how to work with them for an easier existence. Take ownership of the amazing being you are.

It’s time for a reintroduction to yourself. For as much time as you spend together, you’d be surprised at how much there still is to learn. Let’s meet your spirit guides—human, animal, and energetic. We’ll also meet your higher self, that little voice guiding you through life, who knows your highest potential and nudges you down the path toward your greatest good.

I’ll guide you to clear out the patterns that have been holding you back throughout your life and turn them into gifts for moving forward. We’ll look at where you want to be and the life you want to create, and gently come to an understanding of all things supporting you in this journey and rejoicing in your success. It all leads up to peace—and clarity about who you are.

This is an expansion on Intro to You, a safe space that empowers you with even more tools to use along your journey to peace and acceptance. This is for those who want to continue the work they did with that first energy healing service for deeper awareness.

You came together for a reason, and now you’re looking to deepen your connection and balance your relationship. This course is a celebration of everything you’re doing right, and a path toward enhanced communication, stronger connection, and personal clarity about the role you each play in the creation and evolution of your relationship. 

Through our time together, you’ll learn a partnered stretching routine you can use on a daily basis to encourage your physical connection, as well as communication tools to help you express your needs clearly and confidently. We’ll honor your individuality and use it to bring you closer together. Finally, we’ll set goals—personally and as a couple—to help you support each other in continued growth and progress.

Testimonials: The Far-Reaching Impact of This Personal Work

The powerful work you do at The Beam and Bell will transform your life, as it has for many of my clients. Take a look at what people have said about their experiences.

Deciding Where to Start

I hope you can join us in Boulder, Colorado! Finding your way here starts with a deep desire for something more, a desire to move forward in your life with confidence and clarity, unencumbered by your past. From there, take one step at a time:


Fill out the contact form or give us a call. I’d love to get to know you!


Download the “Are You Really Ready?” questionnaire and video. The video helps you get to know me, and it includes a short meditation. If you enjoy this, you’ll be excited to dive deeper, and you’re invited to take the next step.


Schedule your 30-minute phone consultation. This chat is an opportunity to uncover your pains and concerns, and I can suggest a way forward for you. If you want to set foot on that path, you can do it by scheduling your first session or experience.

This path is personal to each individual which means you are the one with the power to change. If you are not ready right now I fully understand and look forward to hearing from you when you feel called. This path allows you to determine if you’re ready before you commit to a journey of growth and fulfillment. Contact us and find out.

Paving the Way For Your Unique Healing Journey

Every service I offer at The Beam and Bell is to assist you in your personal journey. Whatever your challenge, you can begin the work of moving through it with practices like these:


Our InnTreats and healing weekends invite self-ownership and give you an extended period of time to learn new techniques and integrate new awareness.

Healing & Meditation

Individual sessions may include guided meditations, chakra cleansing, and much more. While I encourage your presence at The Beam and Bell as a means of eliminating distractions and truly focusing on the work, virtual meditations are available for those who are unable to join us in Boulder, Colorado.

Other Practices

From Thai massage to life coaching, there are many tools of transformation to explore.

Take a closer look at everything The Beam and Bell has to offer.

Energy Healer Services from Boulder to Brighton and Beyond

The Beam and Bell is tucked away peacefully in rural Boulder County, less than a 20-minute drive from many towns in the area:

  • Boulder
  • Longmont
  • Lafayette
  • Erie
  • Broomfield
  • Frederick
  • Brighton

The Beam and Bell has welcomed people from all over the West Denver Metro, including Fort Collins, Arvada, and Westminster. Take a closer look at the many healing services I offer in Colorado.

Fill Out the Form to Learn More About These Energy Healer Services

No matter what approach you’d like to take to your healing, I’m here to facilitate it with compassion, grace, and patience. The Beam and Bell is a safe space for you to grow, wherever you’re coming from or however, you’d like to emerge from our time together. If you feel drawn to these services, please contact me to start your journey today.

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