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Self-Awareness and Intention: Practicing
True Self Care in Boulder, Colorado

Nourishing the Spirit Starts With Tuning Into What You Need

Self care is high in mind these days around the world. Though many of us have spent our lives confusing self care with selfishness, the idea of truly taking care of yourself is finally becoming a priority. Understanding your unique needs means you enjoy greater health and happiness and show up as your most authentic self for the people you love.

At its best, self care energizes you, calms your mind, and helps you gain clarity about your life. At its worst, it’s an excuse to procrastinate or have another glass of wine. Often we may ask “What is self care, really, and how can I make it work for me?”

Understand Self Care

Oxford Dictionary offers two lovely definitions:

“The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.

“The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.”

It’s a straightforward idea, but how to go about it is different for everyone. With clever businesses marketing their products as self care solutions, and friends and family making well-meaning suggestions according to what worked for them, it can be challenging to identify what you really need.

And this is what it comes down to: what do you need? What helps you feel whole and at peace? Self care and compassion go far beyond the requirement for food and water and deep into the heart of what we need on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

Yes, physical self care is important, and yet we generally do a good job of providing for our basic physical demands on a daily basis. Our physical bodies speak up (often loudly) about what they require while our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves are more subtle. True self care means tuning into and learning to hear those mental, emotional, and spiritual requests for support. Self care starts with self-awareness.

Get to Know Yourself

Your thoughts and feelings are constantly offering insight about your needs—and learning to pay attention to these insights is a gift. A foggy mind may be a request for rest or water, or it could indicate stagnation and a desire for learning and personal development. Confusion, depression, and exhaustion can all be signs that mental self care is required.

While emotional and mental needs are often intertwined, emotional needs should be approached individually. These are typically connected to your relationships with your family and friends—and the relationship you have with yourself. Meanwhile, your spiritual needs speak to a desire for connection with something bigger. It’s a need for purpose and meaning, a longing to answer the question at the center of all of us: Why am I here?

True self care isn’t about pretending everything is fine or ignoring a challenge. Instead, it’s about becoming aware that a part of yourself needs attention and taking action to provide specific care. 

Every offering I teach at The Beam and Bell in Boulder, Colorado is a practice in self-ownership, compassion, and understanding:

  • Release old patterns and beliefs to uncover your inner spirit and connect to a more authentic you with a Fire Ceremony.
  • Move beyond fear and emotional blocks related to guilt and betrayal in a guided meditation. 
  • Tune into your own rhythms, cycles, and emotions at a SacredPulse course.
  • Take a break from the distractions of everyday life with an immersive experience devoted to personal awareness and growth at a multi-day InnTreat.
  • Help the energy flow, giving you access to the wisdom of your own intuition with chakra healing. 
  • Empower yourself with compassion and the understanding that you are the creator of your life through transformational coaching. 

All of these tools, and others, help you look closely at who you are and what you need. When you understand that, you can offer yourself an intentional solution. 

Harness the Magic of Intention

Take a walk, take a bath, drink a cup of tea, practice yoga—these are common self care practices, at least in theory. Unfortunately, they can leave you feeling hollow if you undertake them without purpose and intention.

Done randomly, these practices are merely ways to run away. How many people binge-watch a show and call it self care? How many times has that warm bath or that beautiful hike in Boulder, Colorado, turned into an opportunity to replay a difficult conversation in your mind or fret about a potential outcome? Without intention, a cup of tea is not self care—it’s just a cup of tea. Without intention, you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks. 

With the magic of intention, any mindful practice becomes an act of self care. It’s an acknowledgment that you are deserving of loving-kindness, peaceful moments, and healing actions. Before you go for that walk or pour your tea, set an intention for your time. Devote these moments to the nourishment of your mind, body, and spirit. Listen to what your mental, emotional, and spiritual self is actually asking for and provide it intentionally and with love. 

Start a Nourishing Self Care Practice in Boulder, Colorado

If your self care practices are not leaving you nourished and empowered, it’s time to get to know yourself. At The Beam and Bell, I provide a supportive space in Boulder, Colorado, for self-discovery and transformation. Together, we’ll move past the obstacles that are preventing you from interpreting your spirit’s sincere requests, and I’ll guide you in creating a plan for intentional self care leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for whatever life brings.

If you feel called to this type of deep personal work, I hope you’ll reach out. Contact me to learn more about the healing services I have available at The Beam and Bell, develop the self-awareness that allows you to take ownership of your value as a human being, and practice the self care that is truly healing. 

Personal Testimonials From Those Who Have Done Healing Work With Krystal

The powerful work you do at The Beam and Bell will transform your life, as it has for many of my clients. Take a look at what people have said about their experiences.

How to Schedule a Session With Krystal

I hope you can join us in Boulder, Colorado! Finding your way here starts with a deep desire for something more, a desire to move forward in your life with confidence and clarity, unencumbered by your past. From there, take one step at a time:


Fill out the contact form or give us a call. I’d love to get to know you!


Download the “Are You Really Ready?” questionnaire and video. The video helps you get to know me, and it includes a short meditation. If you enjoy this, you’ll be excited to dive deeper, and you’re invited to take the next step.


Schedule your 30-minute phone consultation. This chat is an opportunity to uncover your pains and concerns, and I can suggest a way forward for you. If you want to set foot on that path, you can do it by scheduling your first session or experience.

This path is personal to each individual which means you are the one with the power to change. If you are not ready right now I fully understand and look forward to hearing from you when you feel called. This path allows you to determine if you’re ready before you commit to a journey of growth and fulfillment. Contact us and find out.

The Many Ways to Reconnect With Yourself at The Beam and Bell

Every service I offer at The Beam and Bell is to assist you in your personal journey. Whatever your challenge, you can begin the work of moving through it with practices like these:


Our InnTreats and healing weekends invite self-ownership and give you an extended period of time to learn new techniques and integrate new awareness.

Healing & Meditation

Individual sessions may include guided meditations, chakra cleansing, and much more. While I encourage your presence at The Beam and Bell as a means of eliminating distractions and truly focusing on the work, virtual meditations are available for those who are unable to join us in Boulder, Colorado.

Other Practices

From Thai massage to life coaching, there are many tools of transformation to explore.

Take a closer look at everything The Beam and Bell has to offer.

Serving Boulder and Beyond as a Clairvoyant and More

The Beam and Bell is tucked away peacefully in rural Boulder County, less than a 20-minute drive from many towns in the area:

  • Boulder
  • Longmont
  • Lafayette
  • Erie
  • Broomfield
  • Frederick
  • Brighton

The Beam and Bell has welcomed people from all over the West Denver Metro, including Fort Collins, Arvada, and Westminster. Take a closer look at the many healing services I offer in Colorado.

Call to Learn More About Clairvoyance

There’s wisdom within you and all around you, and it’s there to guide you through this human existence. I can tap into that for you, and help you learn to call upon it yourself.

If you’re curious about how a clairvoyant session could help you move forward with confidence, fill out the form. You’ll be invited to watch a video and schedule a short consultation with me. At that point, if you’re ready to dive in, we’ll schedule your first session.

I’m excited for you. Moving past the noise of the world to seek guidance from spiritual wisdom is life-changing work, and I hope you’re eager to get started.

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