I have had the privilege of working with Krystal for several different reasons and at different occasions. Just being near Krystals grounded and connected energy provides a safe, non judgmental place for processing mental and emotional aspects of life. Her ability to hold space for you while working through things allows space for inner clarity and strengthens personal intuition and awareness. Krystal has an infectious connection to joy and passion. Working with her or near her, calls your attention to how its possible for you to connect to your own passion and joy.

Krystals work combines a vast range of modalities so she can tailor the needs specifically and individually to everyone she works with in the best way of serving them. Working with Krystal has helped me to step into my strengths, better trust my process and journey in life, and enrich the small moments from day to day with joy and passion. Working with Krystal has infused me with courage to keep being an active creator of my life. Her gentle nudges to keep growing, keep expanding, or take time more time to rest and be still are like medicine. I would recommend anyone that is wanting to see and feel a real connection to their true self, while also aligning to their own inner magic and unique purpose to work with Krystal. She helps light the candle so we can shine and help light others as we go.