Krystal has guided me through life-changing spiritual journeys on a number of occasions. From the first one, where I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect and she easily put me at ease, to the latest where I “totally knew what to expect” and she guided me to something totally unexpected, she has been amazing! She is intuitive and wise. Sometimes asking just the right “annoying question” to get me to face my shadow. Other times providing comfort, love, and support when I was suffering or healing trauma.

Krystal’s guided meditation and soul retrieval work is stupendous. With her I was able to relax into the experience, go deep, and come out of it a more stable and healthy person. She is grounded and holds space for healing like very few people I know. Throw in a little of her intuitive Thai massage and I couldn’t be happier. She has truly helped me on the long journey of healing the past, discovering who I want to be next, and integrating everything in-between.