In autumn 2016, I had just recently returned from a year teaching in China. It was a marvelous and gratifying experience. However, I now found myself at a crossroad to decide what I would do next. I had retired from my teaching in the U.S. just the year before. What would I do next?
Krystal approached me with the possibility to do an intervention with her and I was more than willing to open the powers of the universe in a new way. I am deeply religious and that experience has expanded my faith and my understanding of the forces that surround us.

Krystal guided me in a meditation. I still fill the warmth and serenity that accompanied that session. My mind opened to new possibilities, but more importantly, it cemented intrinsic knowledge that I hadn’t yet discovered about myself. At the end of the session, she gave me smooth stones to help center the thoughts and meditations that I would continue to do on my own for a few days.

The peace, comfort, and well-being felt during that session remained with me through the days that followed until we met again. During that second meeting, Krystal guided me through the Mandala process and fire ceremony. I loved it! I listened to every word, each one bringing again a sense of rightness and being in harmony with our world.
I didn’t have great revelations, but I did receive the peace that all would be well in the months to come. And it did! I felt closer to my Heavenly Father and felt His love for me. It also brought me greater acceptance of me, my inner self, with all of that I had experienced in my life, the good and the bad. Each of those negative or positive periods contributed to my being me, a unique individual, worthy of love and acceptance. That is a priceless gift reinforced while being in Krystal’s loving care!