I loved both the Mandala and Fire Ceremony experiences. I had been in therapy for years and was feeling stuck with lingering trauma. Working with Krystal was exactly what I needed to move forward.

The Mandala experience was my first with Krystal. She provided a comfortable and safe environment. At first, I was nervous. Krystal’s warmth and professional manner allowed me to calm my nerves. Once relaxed, I was able to embrace the session.

The Mandala experience allowed me to clear negative emotions steaming from past trauma. I felt lighter and free after our session. It was incredible.

The Fire Ceremony was empowering. It brought awareness to issues I didn’t realize I was holding. I had fun despite processing painful memories and emotions. After, I felt hopeful, uplifted and stronger.

I recommend both experiences. I’m very grateful for both experiences. Krystal is sincere, fun, and professional. She is great to work with.